Epic Steampunk Cars & Other Steam Rides

steampunk cars

Steampunk has been a huge subculture for years, with a growing fan base online. But some of us take that extra step to make our very own steam powered…anything! But here at Automopedia we’re only interested in modes of transit (except for an exceptional steam powered R2-D2) – Take a look at some of the more interesting ways to get from point A to B with a little bit of steam.

Jay Leno’s Steam Car

jay leno steampunk car

Late night comedian Jay Leno has one of the largest (and strangest) collection of automobiles and motorcycles of any celebrity. His endeavor to reconstruct a steam car has inspired others to take on this challenge. You can follow the story of a 1909 model (pictured above) at The Steampunk Workshop or view one of Jay’s steam projects in the video below:

Steam Powered Time Machine

doc brown locomotive

Exactly how Dr. Emmet Brown invented a steam-powered time machine out of a locomotive is a mystery that will perplex Back to the Future fans until the end of days. Of course, any good BTTF fan isn’t that into Part III anyway. But we have to give a hat tip to Doc for taking steampunk and turning it into a way to travel not just through time, but also in the air. “Marty! It runs on steam!”

Million Dollar Steam Cycle

steam punk motorcycle

Got a million dollars to spare? Then head on over to Japan and pick up one of these limited edition, specially made steam motorcycles. Chicara Nagata builds these cycles for very prestigious riders; each consists of approximately 500 parts and takes about 7500 hours to complete.

Steam Powered Art Car

steampunk art car

Burning Man is more than just a place for stoners to converge and drop acid while listening to live music for days on end. It’s an event that explores outrageous and eco-friendly inventions and art. 2008’s Burning Man Art Cars were some of the most impressive, including this desert-ready topless steam automobile. Get your goggles on kids!

Steam Rocket Ship

steam rocket car

We’ve talked before about British Steam-powered rocket car that hits almost 200 miles per hour. But it’s so fantastic that it’s worth another mention. This vehicle is made from almost 100% recycled parts, and has University of South Hampton students receiving recognition for their ingenious and environmentally friendly experiment.

Steam Tank

steampunk tank

If the Royal Navy had a steam powered land tank during World War I the conflict may have ended much faster. This land roving battleship concept comes from a designer who sought inspiration from the H.G.Wells Classic “The Land Ironclads.” Maybe Wells should have been on the Queen’s payroll for military design.

9 Responsesto “Epic Steampunk Cars & Other Steam Rides”

  1. Its the University of Southampton, not South Hampton! Grrr.

  2. Steampunk! Retrofuturism! Sculpture! Art! Don’t you just love it? Wild, Wild, West…the TV series….Steampunk!! Tiny the Man

  3. Great idea. Crappy execution.

    You’ve TOTALLY misidentified the owner of STMPNK.
    The lovely car with the Massachusetts license plate belongs to and is being modded by another steam punk legend entirely: Jake VonSlatt, the brain, hands and genius behind http://steampunkworkshop.com/

    Jake has spent way too much time on that car to have the credit ripped off.

  4. I don’t like using real words to mean things they don’t — it leads to confusion rather than communication. In that regard, I see no evidence that the “Million Dollar Steam Cycle” pictured is steam powered — it would appear to be a non-functional work of art. The motor in the photo bears little resemblance to a steam engine, and there’s no boiler or steam generator of any kind in evidence. On the designer Chicara’s own site it describes it as ‘steampunk’, not steam. People have built steam-powered motorcycles, but this isn’t one of them. According to Wikipedia, “steampunk” refers to a genre of literature, not actual physical devices. Maybe I’m hopelessly behind the times and current lingo, but “Steampunk” would appear to *not* be synonymous with “steam powered”. “Steam” used in connection with a vehicle would normally imply steam powered, as in “steam car”, “Steam boat” etc. So you can’t really use “steam cycle” as shorthand to mean “steampunk cycle” — the phrase is already taken so to speak.

  5. I’ll admit – “steam punk” is quite a large umbrella term used to describe a lifestyle so maybe it’s unfair to overuse the term or use it incorrectly. still, you have to admit, whether cars or works of art (or both) they are pretty fantastic looking!

  6. Some Fantastic stuff!!! Steampunk transportation rocks. Im currently designing a Steampunk wargame. It will have giant steam powered Monowheels!!!!

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