A Bittersweet Goodbye

A Bittersweet Goodbye

Carroll Shelby has passed, and we are poorer for it.

Spotlight on the Brown Automotive Group

Since the Brown Automotive Group began in 1981, they’ve been providing customers in the Charlottesville area with a wide variety of services and products and not to mention an exceptional level of customer service.

Consumer Digest Names 6 Vehicles from the Chrysler Group as ‘Best Buys’

Every year, the Consumer Digest publishes a list of ‘Best Buys” for vehicles within the automotive industry. The Consumer Digest is incredibly well respected, they are used as a trusted source of information for consumers in the retail sector.

New Camaro Performance Parts Released by Chevrolet

Chevrolet is releasing a new performance parts pack for Caramos between the 2010 and 2014 model years to give drivers some extra power behind the wheel.

Spotlight on Herb Chambers Companies – An award-winning, 50-dealer auto group grown from the seed of wanting to do it right

Too often, we hear stories about new and used car buyers dismayed with “sales dudes” who can’t seem to hold themselves up, and lackadaisically rest against a side door or hood.

Good Night, Carroll

Sitting on the train in Manhattan this morning, I turn to the sports section of The New York Times and read his obituary: Carroll Shelby has died at 89.

I’m On A (Narrow) Boat!

Dominique Brown is a UK-based 3D and Spacial designer, as well as an alternative living space enthusiast.

Wrecks of a Volkswagen Beetle (Pics)

Sometime during the 1970′s, my father was involved in a car accident, between his late model VW Beetle and a Mack truck.

Nissan Testing EV Taxi in NYC

New York City is already going to be home to “The Taxi of Tomorrow” – a few thousand 2012 Nissan NV200 van’s.

Would YOU Buy a Chevy Ute?

Recently discovered on GM Authority – the auto maker’s media site, this poll shows interesting results on what model Chevrolet fans want next.